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Enigmatik is a label which has a strong appreciation and desire to showcase the use of contrast and juxtaposition through sound sculpting. Deep atmospherics and densely layered sound beds often meet razor sharp editing scissors, creating introspective soundscapes and journeys that can hold significant meaning to the listener, become ingrained in their lives. As certain moods or environments call for the appropriate soundtrack to escape, we hope to offer a realm where frequencies inspire deep thought patterns and sooth the soul.

Whilst individual releases explore these traits we also see the entire label as one melding pot of frequencies, each artist playing a key role and bringing something very special that wasn't there previously, in turn these artists form new dynamics within the label, giving listeners new sonic branches to explore whilst still retaining the high production values, sound design, intricacy and depth we strive to bind ourselves with.

Somebloke is a Dutch artist representing a new key ingredient to enig’matik; a natural, humanistic approach to programming, organic elements of jazz, blues and trip hop call to early days of youth, where friends gather around campfires, acoustic guitars in tow, howling into the starry dynamo above. Capturing that essence, those atmospheres, the soft crackling of a fire and the cool expanse of a lake at dawn, Somebloke gently whisps feet from underbody, carefully circumnavigating a ship of delicately woven aural fabric into the vast expanses of the unknown horizon.

With each journey put forth, SB shows maturity and deep understanding of stereo width, carefully placed ambient noise layers fill out the spectrum, creating a sense of space which given the right listening environments fires neurons into a daze. A sombreness lingers whilst wisps of euphoria seep like honey and drizzle fragments of nature. Deja vu often remains as iconic natural sound beds become a blur between past and present.

A true gem in a sea of frequencies an a definitive addition to the Enig’matik catalog.


released October 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Enig'matik Records Coolum Beach, Australia

We live in the details.

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